110 Sci-Fi and Fantasy Writing Prompts to Boost Your Creativity.

Are you a writer who loves sci-fi and fantasy? If so, you’re in the right place! These genres are known for their imaginative ideas, strange settings, and supernatural elements. However, they can be challenging to write. That’s why we’ve created this handy list of creative prompts to help you get your juices flowing when it comes to creating new stories. Whether you want to build up your existing world or give yourself new challenges by trying something different as a writer, these prompts can help take your writing skills to the next level. So, if you’re ready to explore uncharted territory and discover hidden treasures in these fascinating prompts, keep reading!

  1. A biotechnologist creates a program that can be downloaded to a device and inserted into the human body to induce repair of genetic mutations. The results are so effective that the biotechnologist's life is threatened by those in the medical industry who are losing money as a result. You vow to help him in exchange for a copy of his program to fix your own genetic disorder.

  2. A combination of a lethal and pandemic virus, mass hysteria, and riots have created a dangerous situation in the metropolitan area where you live. Your family is running out of food and must move to find more, so you put as much protective clothing on them as possible and have a family meeting before you leave. What do you say? Where will you go?

  3. A cyberattack has occurred in which anyone who focuses on a signal from their smartphone or television is immediately and irreparably hypnotized. You are part of the team sent to find the signal's source before more people die of starvation in their hypnotized state.

  4. A malevolent alien species arrives to Earth to take over. They spread a virus that kills off the majority of the human population and mate with the most beautiful women to create half-alien/half-human beings to replace those who have died.

  5. A malevolent alien species has descended upon Earth and uses mind control to suppress our military and law enforcement defenses. However, there is one group that their mind control doesn't work on: those who are children.

  6. A nefarious corporation has discovered biomechanical technology that, when implanted, forces subjects to join a "hive mind" and do what they are told without question. Your friend is one such subject. To save your friend, you need to find a way to pull him out of the hive mind while avoiding detection by the people who are under its control.

  7. A new drug was created that would give superintelligence to anyone who took it. The result was a group of people who saw normal people as a threat, so they created and released a pandemic flu to get rid of people unlike themselves. You were one of the few that survived, and you and your small group must face down the engineers of society's collapse.

  8. A pandemic virus has stuck humanity and the world as we know it has been entirely overrun by wild and escaped animals. Humans have been seriously weakened but you are a survivor and must find a way to leave your shelter to find more resources before you starve.

  9. A robot escapes the lab where it was created and finds shelter in the woods. It makes friends with woodland creatures and learns about the environment.

  10. A robot falls in your back yard with no recollection of where he came from. With a little tinkering and research, you help him discover where he came from and help him get back home.

  11. A scientist is devastated by the death of his only child. In a fit of insanity and grief, he works night and day to find a way to bring her back to life. In order to do so, he must replace her vital organs with experimental biomechanical ones. He manages to resurrect his child, but it's not his child that inhabits her form, but something much more terrifying.

  12. A sentient being has landed on your planet and your civilization's military has confronted it at the landing site of its ship. You are sent closer as a mediator and encounter a mass of energy that has no form but communicates with you in your language.

  13. A series of volcanic eruptions has darkened the sky, blocking out the sun. The excessive coldness and death of the landscape drives you and others around you indoors or underground to determine humanity's next steps in survival.

  14. A superstar athlete graduates from college and joins the NFL, the NBA, and the MLB. The athlete seems to have unlimited strength and energy, and he dominates each sport he competes in as if he was playing against children. Conspiracy theories abound regarding his abilities, but despite multiple tests no performance-enhancing substances have been found within his system. Then, one day, a famous scientist holds a press conference and tells the world that the athlete is the result of advanced genetic manipulation. The scientist's eugenics program was shut down by his university twenty-five years ago, but not before three test subjects were created, each with unique enhanced mental and physical capabilities. The children were given up for adoption, and all records were destroyed after the program was permanently closed down. Hearing this, the athlete decides to retire from his sports careers to find his long-lost siblings and to perhaps find a better way to serve humanity.

  15. Aboard your stranded spaceship, you begin to notice metal turning into a biological substance resembling trees and vines. An invisible alien entity that has made its way onboard is helping you create a sustainable biological atmosphere to keep you alive until you reach a habitable planet.

  16. After a nuclear apocalypse, you are part of a group of survivors dealing with the after-effects of an irradiated planet. Many have grown sick from the radiation and died. There are some, however, who appear to be completely unaffected. You were a doctor before the war and are determined to use your knowledge to find out why.

  17. After many years and several trials, you invent a device that is capable of taking photographs of an alternative universe. This universe actually exists within our own universe; however, there is an interdimensional barrier that prevents one from bleeding into the other. The universe you witness through your photography can be described only as catastrophic: a bleak, jagged wasteland filled with nightmarish creatures and dark skies. There is no color to speak of, and you find nothing that seems natural in this world's harsh nature. One day, you notice that there is a man in the background of one of your photographs. You zoom in to find that he is holding up a sign that reads: "You are collapsing the barrier. Stop!" The man is missing from the next photograph, but you can see a deer and a green patch of grass where he once stood.

  18. After the American military discovered a crashed alien vessel containing a genetically advanced lifeform, they used its genome to create an army of humanoid super soldiers able to withstand significant pain and physical damage before dying. Little do they know that it was a trap, and they have unintentionally created a sleeper cell of humanoid beings with allegiance to an alien planet. One day, that sleeper cell is activated – and it is your job to stop them.

  19. After the apocalypse, humanity has returned to tribal living and tribal warfare becomes the new norm. Your tribe does not want to battle for territory, so you seek out a place to live in peace among the vast lands left uninhabited. But there is a danger greater than other tribes and you soon meet it out in "no-man's land."

  20. Alien lifeforms have started making themselves known, although they've been in our midst for centuries. The way they've stayed hidden is they shapeshift into felines, and have been observing us undercover in their roles of house pets and street dwellers.

  21. Aliens have invaded our planet but refuse to communicate with us. Instead, they attempt to communicate with animals, and seem to communicate with them quite well. Immediately, the animals of our planet start to turn on us, our pets included.

  22. Aliens have landed on Earth and they are all female forms. In an effort to return human tribes to matriarchal cultures, they enslave all the men and elevate women to positions of power within the government.

  23. All of the countries in the modern world are ruled by monarchies and democracy is still a theory that has never been implemented. You are a King who has plans to convert your country's system of government to a democracy after your death. Other members of the royal family – and other monarchs – are threatened by your decision.

  24. An alien civilization has contacted us through our space program with the warning that our world is on the brink of total destruction. Through their advanced technology, the aliens see the imminent death of our sun, and offer us the opportunity to re-colonize on their home planet. The only problem is: only 5,000 humans can go.

  25. An alien spacecraft has landed but looks like a living, breathing organism. It sits for a while as Earth's scientists observe it, and they find that the entire ship is a biomechanical lifeform of gigantic proportions. With vein-like structures mixing with wires, and a core generator that pumps liquid like a heart, the vessel remains quiet except for its breath-like hissing. You are part of a team of scientists tasked with entering the vessel's main door, which looks frighteningly like a mouth.

  26. An alien who has been living undercover on Earth is able to maintain his human form for a limited amount of time each day before it reverts back into his original non-humanoid form. He hurries home each day before this happens, but today, he's stuck on the commuter train that has broken down and there's no way off.

  27. Archduke Ferdinand was not assassinated, therefore World War I and World War II as we know them never happened. The British Empire expanded throughout the world, and you are the American president who is trying to keep your country from being swallowed up again by the superpower.

  28. As a spiritual medium and a paranormal technology engineer, you have seen your fair share of unexplainable phenomena. However, you have never experienced anything quite like this when a seance goes wrong and a small rift appears in front of you. You are convinced that this is a passage to the afterlife and is your golden opportunity to truly understand what lies beyond death. You find a way to stabilize and expand the rift and, after sending in a drone, you discover that this world is safe for the living. You then decide to enter the rift and venture through this plane of reality. After a while, you discover that its initial warm glow belies what's really there—a land of terror and horror, filled with lost souls. This is not heaven. This is some other place. And the worst part is that you have no idea how to return home.

  29. As a young princess, you have always had a curiosity for science, engineering, and most other things a princess typically has no interest in. Your world is filled with magic and wonderment, but you don't find it compelling. One day, while exploring a passageway tucked away within a sealed part of a castle, you stumble upon a strange machine. After a little research within an adjacent library, you discover that it is a portal to another world and decide to activate this machine. You are then transported to a place filled with doppelgangers of all of the people you know. However, within this world, invention and science dominate and magic is non-existent. When you find your own doppelganger and discover that she loves to cosplay as a princess, you hope that you can convince her that switching worlds may be the best thing to do for the both of you.

  30. As an up-and-coming comic book artist, your work has received recognition from industry insiders and you have a small, but dedicated, fan base online. One of these fans somehow finds your contact information and asks if he can set up a special arrangement that will be financially advantageous for you. You are interested, so he tells you the terms: Create a unique character once a week with a full backstory. The character should not be made public under any circumstance. They are for private use only. You ask him what is the point if the characters cannot be published, but he refuses to tell you the reason. Cash-strapped and curious, you agree to the terms and start creating characters. After a couple of years, you have developed an entire universe of superheroes and villains which you are very proud of. Desperately wanting others to see your work, you decide to go to your benefactor's home unannounced to confront him. The front door is open, so after knocking a couple of times, you let yourself in. You suddenly find yourself in what seems to be an illustrated world. You look up and see one of the characters you designed flying through the sky. Another one drives past you down a street in his rocket car. Somehow, this man has created an alternative universe comprised of your drawings and creativity. You are astounded and want to explore this fascinating world that, from your perspective, only existed in your imagination until now.

  31. As part of a fleet of explorers, you encounter an alien species that is far more advanced than humans. They have found ways to heal all diseases and do not participate in war, leaving the beings to survive far longer than the human lifespan. Believing they have much to teach you, you wish to stay on their planet, causing conflict within your fleet.

  32. At first, there is little that can be done when humanity suddenly becomes barren. Adults of childbearing age are unable to reproduce, and there is no explanation for this phenomenon. However, a multi-national corporation is able to come up with a solution using artificial womb technology and genetic manipulation that removes what they describe as "defective traits." Humanity can thrive once again as new generations are finally being born. However, when you happen upon a twenty-year-old report written by a corporate scientist that outlines how to implement a mass infertility program, you suspect that your corporate saviors may have caused the crisis in the first place, and that they are using their solution to both increase their coffers and to define the traits of those who are born within the next generations.

  33. Before the Earth was made uninhabitable, a group of survivors evacuated the planet on a spaceship. Generations later, it's finally time to send a team down to test for habitability, but upon landing you discover that there were survivors who never left.

  34. Biohackers have stolen DNA samples from the world's most prominent leaders in order to clone them and eventually replace them on the world stage. As the Physician to the President, you stumble onto this conspiracy after performing a DNA analysis of the President and finding trace elements of this cloning procedure. You then contact other doctors of world leaders and ask them to run the same test. Most of the physicians encounter similar results except for the Prime Minister of Great Britain. You know that this may be the last opportunity to identify the biohackers, so you fly over to London and set a trap before the last prominent world leader is replaced.

  35. Christopher Columbus disembarks from the Santa Maria and takes his first steps into the New World. A tank approaches. A Native American warrior climbs out and says, "We've been expecting you."

  36. Civilization on our planet has been mostly destroyed by pandemic viruses, dwindling resources and the resulting conflict. As a physician, you have seen the worst of it come and go, and must now play a role in rebuilding a small town ravaged by disease and unrest.

  37. Constantine never recognized Christianity as the official religion of the Roman Empire. You are a present-day Christian struggling to practice your religion in secret, hiding from the polytheists who would prefer to see you dead.

  38. Due to overpopulation, civilization has collapsed and food has become scarce. Some people are resorting to cannibalism while others turn to scavenging to survive. You are part of a group of scavengers and must teach others how it's done while avoiding the cannibals hunting you.

  39. Due to successive plagues across Europe, its governments were weakened and never sent explorers to the Americas. Instead, the Native Americans landed on European soil and discovered the people there instead of the other way around. You are part of the first group of people the explorers encounter.

  40. During the Cold War in the 1980s, the American government decided to reallocate a large amount of funds from their Star Wars project into A.I. research. After a few trials and errors, A.I. soldiers and aircraft were completely functional and could be deployed on the battlefield. Meanwhile, as the Soviet–Afghan War was raging with both sides taking heavy losses, the U.S. government decided to share their new technology with the insurgents in an effort to aid them in their fight against the Soviets. Little did they know that after the war was won, these weapons would eventually be used against their own creators.

  41. Earth has become uninhabitable and you're tasked with finding a new planet where humans can live. In the search, you come across a planet inhabited by beings who are half animal/half man, and have set up societies much like packs of animals do, with alpha leaders and pack hunting traits.

  42. Enraged at the way humanity is killing the planet, a genetic scientist invents a biological weapon that is released into the water supply and kills off millions within a week's timeframe. The scientist also invented an antidote and you are the one who must find it to save someone you love before it's too late.

  43. Every human being born receives an implant that is capable of detecting most diseases early on so that people can be cured before an illness becomes a serious problem. When biohackers manipulate these implants to give false diagnoses and accelerate disease progression, the medical industry is overwhelmed and soon people begin disconnecting themselves from their implants. As the inventor of this implant, you try your best to increase security measures and to prevent further hacks, but to no avail. However, when you realize that your assistant is part of the biohacker group and that she has been giving them your data, you decide to put a tracker program within your last implant security update and follow the trail.

  44. Following the Civil War, America became fractured, leaving each state to be a separate country. You become involved in a political push to combine several countries to gain more resources and power than the others.

  45. Genetic manipulation is nothing new, but the government has turned its sights on something more ambitious—creating human super soldiers who can survive in the harshest conditions. So far, this has been only a rumor, but when a bike messenger's father is targeted as the perfect specimen for the government's next experiment, she realizes just how true it is. Now she has to find a way to stop the government before they take her father away.

  46. Genetic modification of animals has produced monstrous results, leaving the world's human population hunted by gigantic, predatory beasts. Since humanity now must hide in fear, technological advancement has declined and humans have returned to nomadic tribes in order to survive. You live in one of these tribes but have discovered an abandoned, dying infant beast alone in the woods. You attempt to revive it and eventually bond.

  47. Genetically modified food has made pets increasingly sentient. Tired of living in the shadow of humans, they overthrow society and establish themselves as dominant. As a human slave, you convince your former best friend Mr. Pickles to help you escape and find sanctuary.

  48. Genetically-modified laborers built to withstand inhospitable work environments are already treated like second-class citizens, so it's not hard for people to find a reason to blame them for everything. When a serial killer strikes in the city, a quiet, modest mutant laborer who is well-liked in his community is named as the killer and is arrested. However, a high school student knows that this allegation is not true because she witnessed the crime. Now, she must prove the mutant's innocence while finding the true killer. Finding the real killer should be easy enough though since he's hot on her trail to shut her up, for good.

  49. In 1961, the Soviet government successfully lands a man on the moon and establishes a lunar base. They have nearly finished developing technology that is capable of destroying any satellite launched from Earth, threatening global communication. You are a NASA intelligence agent whose mission is to infiltrate the lunar base and destroy it before it's too late.

  50. In 1962, despite his best efforts, U.S. President John F. Kennedy was unable to reach an agreement with Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev, which led to the launching of a single nuclear-tipped ballistic missile into the southeastern United States. The resulting detonation and fallout devastated everything south of Tennessee, and for the following five decades no one dared venture into that region. Rumors describing zombie-like creatures roaming the nuclear wasteland had persisted for years in border towns, but the stories had not been confirmed. You are a federal agent and it is your job to enter the fallout zone to investigate these reports.

  51. In a post-apocalyptic future, food is scarce. Riots have made cities dangerous, and roving gangs have formed to take control of limited resources and territory. You and a group of other survivors have discovered a warehouse full of provisions and are determined to protect it at all costs.

  52. In an alternative universe, witches, wizards, and magic are the norm. Students study various magical courses at school. One witch, fascinated with magical doorways, rips a hole in the fabric of the universe, connecting this magical world to ours. The witch soon realizes that her non-magical double exists in our world, and she views modern technology as our own version of magic.

  53. In less than a week, society as we know it has fallen. Since all forms of electronic communication are down, there's no way to know exactly what has happened, but you heard explosions all over town and can only assume the worst. But your significant other is on the other side of town and it's time to brave the unknown to get to her.

  54. In order to save the last remaining endangered species, animal rights activists begin incorporating bits of these animals' genetic coding into their own, producing a humanoid species with some animal-like features. A large portion of the population finds this to be an abomination and hunts down these genetic hybrids with impunity. Your girlfriend is one of these genetically modified people and you decide to hide her and her family in your basement.

  55. In the aftermath of a nuclear holocaust, women survivors determine that since men were responsible for the war, they should never have power again. In order to maintain order, all men are required to be slaves and are held in chains, while only women can rule. Are you a man or a woman? Is this new order acceptable to you or do you fight against it?

  56. In the name of science experimentation, animals are being genetically modified in an attempt to alter their animal nature. Most experiments have gone well, and dangerous animals such as bears and lions have been transformed into placid, exotic house pets for the rich. However, in rare cases, these modified animals experience a return of their natural instincts, often resulting in violent attacks against the people around them. Unfortunately, you're in a home when such a change occurs.

  57. In the post-apocalyptic future, roving tribes travel with various degrees of technology that they have found along the way in cities and museums. Rumor has it that there is a military arsenal buried somewhere in the Rocky Mountains and all tribes race toward it. It is your job to make sure none of them find it to avoid another nuclear holocaust.

  58. In the very near future, aliens have landed on Earth and have hacked every smartphone on the planet. Through them, they quickly learn our culture and most intimate secrets, and use the control to blackmail humans into doing various tasks.

  59. Japan discovered an island inhabited by dragons and used them to fight in World War II. You are an American soldier who faces one such creature and find that your weapons are useless. It's time to get creative.

  60. Long ago, light faded. You grew accustomed to navigating the dark, blind and cold – no sun, no moon, no stars or fire. Now a mysterious figure has come, claiming to be from another universe, bearing something called a "torch."

  61. Nazi scientists discovered a crashed alien ship and are using its advanced technology to overpower their enemies. You are a general in the Allied forces tasked with finding a solution.

  62. News breaks across the world that a team of scientists has created a portal to an Earth-like planet in another universe. Interestingly, this planet is a carbon copy of Earth in terms of its history and its population with only a few differences here and there between the two planets. When a delegation is sent from this parallel world to Earth and is interviewed on TV, you are surprised to find out that one of them looks and acts exactly like your late husband. You quickly pack your bags and travel to the portal, hoping to reconnect with your long-lost love.

  63. Nuclear war has irradiated the planet, leaving precious little land that is safe to farm or graze animals. You are part of a surviving colony that is located in the last uncontaminated and fertile region, defending your territory from those who would kill for it.

  64. Nuclear warfare and genetically modified food sources have created a race of zombie beings that cannot die unless beheaded and feed off of fresh meat, including human flesh. You have escaped this fate but must now escape the monsters, who only survive in cities where there is much fresh meat to be had.

  65. Opting for isolationism during the Second World War, America kept its distance while other countries battled for control and survival. Even after the attack on Pearl Harbor, the United States remained neutral, negotiating an immediate peace with the Japanese empire rather than waging war and defending itself. Decades after the war is over, the United States finds itself surrounded by aggressive powers eager to take control of its territory. With its allies gone and its obsolete military insufficient to defend its borders, the country looks to you to rebuild its armed forces before the inevitable invasion begins.

  66. Scientists have discovered Earth 2—a new planet that is similar to Earth, but has a different set of natural laws. Things float because of lack of gravity. Water flows up instead of down. You really want to visit this new planet, so you step through your portal to check it out.

  67. Since the Roswell UFO incident, the government has experimented on splicing human and alien DNA with limited success. Finally, after many attempts, a true hybrid is born. This hybrid's intelligence is off the charts and he is able to master most academic endeavors in a matter of months. You and your team of scientists are enthusiastic about the hybrid's capabilities, as well as the potential future of the human race. However, when you walk into his room one day and find that he has developed a space beacon to make contact with his alien ancestors, you begin to realize that his allegiance may be up for grabs.

  68. The 1918 flu pandemic infected 97% of the world's population instead of one third, plunging the world into a new dark age marked by hysteria, superstition and anti-intellectualism. Universities are sacked by mobs who think that knowledge is the devil's work and book burning becomes commonplace. You are a university librarian trying to protect the books in your care in order to preserve knowledge for future generations.

  69. The American Revolution did not succeed, leaving France, England and Spain in control of North American territories. You are a Native American in this world fighting for your tribe's existence among competing colonial powers.

  70. The apocalypse occurs while you're in a shopping mall, which then becomes buried beneath rubble, trapping everyone inside. As different groups form and fight for dominance, how long can you survive on Orange Julius and Sbarro?

  71. The attic; under the bed; a closed closet. These pocket dimensions are invisible to most. You aren't most.

  72. The Battle of Vicksburg was not a success for General Grant and the Union lost the Civil War. You are an African American former Union soldier who is not ready to give up on the fight. You team up with members of your former regiment and lead slave uprisings throughout the South.

  73. The Christopher Columbus expedition never returned and European governments decided it was unsafe to explore that region. After 200 years, you are part of a second expedition to the New World.

  74. The Earth has reached its breaking point after global warming and widespread disease, and a group of aliens arrive to help humans rebuild the planet they have destroyed.

  75. The government is offering a new program—they'll attempt to cure whatever ails you and maybe even improve your abilities through the use of experimental genetic manipulation. The downside? The procedure may permanently harm you or even kill you. You never thought of yourself as the guinea pig type, but you can't resist the potential of curing your genetic disorder. You might leave the lab with an extra head, but hey, it's all in the name of science, right?

  76. The new world your crew has discovered is full of angel-like beings who move gracefully and are fiercely protective of humans. They have visited your world multiple times in the past (thus inspiring stories of guardian angels) and this is the first time you're visiting theirs.

  77. The old lady who lives next door is always very nice to you, but she seems a little odd. One night you look out your window and see a rocket ship land in her backyard. Could your neighbor be an alien?

  78. The Roman Empire never collapsed and went on to conquer the Americas. You live in present-day North America and no longer want to live under imperial rule. A small group of rebels is forming to fight for freedom and start their own government. You are part of this rebel group.

  79. The snow is ever-present, and heat is a precious resource. You have been working on a way to provide heat indefinitely. Upon opening a rift into another dimension, you think maybe you can bleed it dry of its warmth, to heat your own.

  80. The U.S. allowed the South to secede and there was no Civil War. The United States and the Confederate States are now in a cold war. You are a CIA agent in the present-day North and your colleague has been captured while on a mission in the South. You are part of a team sent in to rescue him.

  81. There are other realities where physicality is slightly misaligned. You make use of these other realities to walk through walls. You only stay in the other reality for a moment – just long enough to bypass the barrier. One day you get stuck.

  82. There are two realities coexisting in the same space and time, unknown to each other. These universes are layered so close to each other that they practically fuse together. However, they are invisible to one another. A scientist stumbles upon a way to communicate across these two realities and attempts to bridge them together. Connecting these two realities may have unintended consequences though, as the fabric of space-time collapses upon itself.

  83. There is now a pill you can take that will trigger a genetic mutation to make you stronger, more attractive, and taller (over time). Your body is not responding correctly, however, and the growing won't stop. You're becoming a beautiful giant but must try to find a way to reverse the mutation.

  84. Through A.I. technology, we have found a way to create robots indistinguishable from humans. They begin to take on a life of their own, out of our control, and we find that an alien species has hacked them through a type of consciousness transfer. If something isn't done soon, they will destroy us and take over our planet.

  85. Towards the end of the Mongol conquest of Khwarezmia, Genghis Khan's army of over 700,000 soldiers inexplicably disappeared. Some historians blamed disease while others blamed famine. Whatever the reason, Genghis Khan and his massive army's disappearance from the world became the thing of legend. Late one night, you receive a call from your superior officer regarding a massive group of primitive soldiers who have suddenly appeared outside of the city of Nishapur. It is your job to negotiate peace with the bloodthirsty horde that is still waging a war that, from their perspective, has never ended.

  86. Water has become a scarce resource that is more valuable than gold. You are part of a team of scientists seeking a fresh water source that has not been polluted by radiation and human waste.

  87. We discover that beneath its seemingly uninhabitable appearance, Mars has an entire race of subterranean alien lifeforms living on it. You are part of the team sent to explore this civilization.

  88. When it appeared, it was the size of a golf ball. It has spread, over the past five years, across the nation. Within it, one's inner demons are manifested around one's body, and those who cross into it possess extraordinary power.

  89. When the star in your system shows signs of sudden collapse, you are ordered to evacuate. The Intergalactic Union sends a large fleet to take everyone to the capital. However, your home star shows no signs of dying, and you entertain some hope. You take your ship and return alone, hoping to run more tests. The moment you leave warp speed, you see a massive wall of expanding gas rushing toward your ship. You desperately reverse, but you are caught in the explosion and fall unconscious. When you wake up, you are stunned to be alive and to see that the system is still there. You decide to abandon your mission and return to your family, but your ship is suddenly seized in a tractor beam and drawn to the surface of your home planet, where it appears humanity has been enslaved by superior beings. Soon you realize your star's explosion sent you into an alternate dimension, where it remains unexploded. Here, aliens foresaw the disaster and came to enslave humanity, stopping their pollution of the system and ensuring that the sun would remain stable. Now they want to know where you came from and how you managed to get free.

  90. When the Treaty of Paris was signed in 1763, ending the French and Indian War, Britain took possession of Florida from Spain and established it as a penal colony. Florida continued to serve this purpose after America's independence from Britain, and 250 years later, it is a vast, lawless region cut off from the rest of the United States. You are part of a delegation sent to determine the status of this long-isolated colony.

  91. While out walking one day, you step on a leaf and it says "Ouch!"

  92. While visiting the National Air and Space Museum, you and your sister sneak past the security guard and climb into a spaceship on display. You start pushing buttons and moving switches. Suddenly, the rocket boosters fire up.

  93. With heavy firepower, your crew has landed on a planet known to have hostile aliens that seem reptilian in their appearance. The terrain is comprised of swampland and the reptilian beings live underwater. You've put on a protective wetsuit and you're now leaving the ship to explore for the first time.

  94. You and your best friend have a sleepover in your backyard treehouse. She brings something cool to show you—a huge leather-bound book of supposed spells you can say, some of which can transport you to a different time in history or a different plane of existence altogether. You personally think it's a bunch of baloney, but in the spirit of a spooky Friday night sleepover, you're game to try some of the spells out. You find one that promises to transport you to a land of perfect peace and harmony. You just need to gather a few items first. After everything is ready, you chant the words, and, to your shock, you find yourself standing in what looks like a busy, futuristic city. You don't see one single human being, but you do see plenty of robots.

  95. You are a 10-year-old boy living in a futuristic world dominated by technology, and you are intrigued by stories of the Old West when kids rode horses and still played outside. You and your friend build a time machine that takes you there to experience it firsthand.

  96. You are a fighter pilot who is the subject of an underground experiment in which a bioship is created for you to fly. When you are flying it, the ship adapts to your movements like your own body would. However, once in space, the bioship turns against you.

  97. You are an alien and the "new kid" in school. You are very nervous because you don't look like anyone else, and you can't understand the language of your classmates. Some kids in your class invite you to play ball with them at recess, and soon you find that you aren't so different after all.

  98. You are convinced you can build your own spacecraft (with the help of a few friends, of course) so you start collecting parts and downloading plans. When you finally complete it, it's time to test it out, but where will you go (and be back in time before supper)?

  99. You are given your first robot for Christmas and are so excited to finally have a friend. You name him and tell him all the wonderful things you'll do together. The robot is excited to learn how life works.

  100. You are tasked with locating and eliminating eight members of an elite military squad who have been genetically modified to become the ultimate soldiers. Why does the government want to do this? Ordinary people are beginning to worship these soldiers as demigods and their burgeoning cult is a direct threat to society, or at least that's what the government officials say. You have your own theories about these soldiers, who have done everything that their country has asked of them, and you are willing to hear them out before you carry out your orders.

  101. You encounter a famous space explorer who takes you on a tour of the galaxy. On his ship, you meet his android co-pilot and some very strange creatures.

  102. You grew up on stories about furniture that could lead curious children to entirely different worlds, but they were just that—stories. However, you learn that a great aunt of yours who lived in Scotland and was an avid collector of antique furniture has passed away. So, you travel with your family—her only remaining relatives—to visit her quirky old home. You're drawn to the library in particular, where she has just about every single book known to mankind. While perusing the shelves, you find a secret passageway behind one of them and decide there is no harm in exploring it. When you do, there's nothing in the tunnel, so you head back the way you first came. When you slip out from behind the bookshelf, however, you're not in your aunt's house anymore. In fact, you're not even in Scotland. More alarmingly, you're not sure you're on Earth anymore.

  103. You live in a lunar colony in which genetic modification has reached a tipping point. Large corporations have moved past using A.I. to replace human workers and have begun to sell genetically modified "workers," enslaved and auctioned to the highest bidder. These workers are modified to be excellent at their particular job. You fall in love with one of these modified beings and set your mind to rescue her.

  104. You live in the future when everyone has a robot companion and yours doesn't work so well. At school, he embarrasses you and at home, he gets you into trouble.

  105. You love climbing trees, and one tree in particular gives you a different view of the world the farther up you climb. All the way at the top, you see the ancient past, when dinosaurs lived.

  106. You're in the space program and have been recently tasked with interpreting communications coming in from another planet outside of our own solar system. The lifeform on the other end doesn't speak any known human language but communicates through musical patterns that create a kind of "call and response" sound that reflects the musicality of the language spoken to them.

  107. You've always been curious about the mind transfer machine your scientist father has been building in his basement lab, so one day when he isn't home you and your dog go downstairs to check it out. The next morning you wake up to find your dog sitting at the kitchen table eating a bowl of cereal.

  108. You've always wondered where your cat goes after dark, so one night you follow him. You come to a clearing in the woods and overhear Mr. Pickles and twelve other cats plotting to take over the world.

  109. Your best friend is a physicist, and over the past few years he has become obsessed with a realm he calls the "Otherworld." One night over dinner, he attempts to convince you that he has found a portal into this realm and that he plans to go and explore this alternative reality soon. Worried about his mental health after this conversation, you begin calling him only to get his voicemail. After he has not returned your calls for over a week, you decide to go to his house and check on him. He's gone, but he has left a note behind: "I found the portal." He also provides directions for someone—such as you—to access the realm and come after him if he does not return.

  110. Your best friend is an alien that scares everyone away with his frightening appearance (sharp claws and scary face). You want to keep him in your room but you know your parents would freak out if they saw him. So, you figure out a disguise and hilarity follows.

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