200 Hilarious Writing Prompts to Jump Start Your Next Comedy Project.

Do you freeze up when someone asks you to come up with funny things? Are you out of ideas when it comes to writing a comedy skit, stand-up routine, funny blog post, or short story? If so, then keep reading because we’ve got just the thing for you.

In this article, you will learn about 200 hilarious writing prompts that are perfect for jump-starting your next comedy project. With these writing prompts in hand, you will be able to get your creative juices flowing so that the ideas keep coming. Use them as is or adjust them to fit your needs. Either way, they’ll give you something to start with so that your next comedy creation is not just another blank page.

  1. “Do you remember when we used to sit up all night and talk and talk and talk about the coolest things? What happened, man? Why aren’t we still talking?”

  2. “I want to believe.” was not the catchphrase of some obscure nerd, but rather my new way of saying “I need to become an astronaut.”

  3. A bear, a car, a tire, a wheel and a turkey walk into a bar. Sounds a lot like the start of a joke. But it’s no joke when the turkey comes in shooting. And the only joke you get out of it is the one on your tombstone.

  4. A centipede and a butterfly sit outside on a hot summer day playing cards. After a few hands the centipede puts down his cards and says….

  5. A computer woke up in a new millennium, asked itself “where am I?” and answered “Negative Space.” God was not there.

  6. A few of these prompts are more for free writing exercises than for actual stories, but either way they both have potential to inspire your creativity. If you have TONS of ideas flowing about your prompt, zip up your overalls and start writing! If you’re still looking for some fresh inspiration, don’t worry. You’ll be able to get a lot out of these so keep reading!

  7. A Greek chorus of a dozen people stand behind you one by one and speak 2 lines. It is irrelevant as to what they say. It is merely the sound of their voices.

  8. A journal between two friends, one who lost his wife in a car accident and one who has just admitted a one night stand after she told him she is starting to see someone else.

  9. A lifeboat washed up with two skeletons in it. The First Skeleton popped out and grabbed his own pelvis. The First Skeleton’s pelvis didn’t belong to him. The Second Skeleton lunged out and said, “MY pelvis! Now!!” Your house was haunted by a ghost. You almost slept with a serial killer.

  10. A man and a woman want to get married but a mutual need is preventing them from tying the knot for a closer life together.

  11. A man went into a shop, asked for “six back scratchers.” Mentioned ticks. “Been bitten by a dog recently?” he asked. So he asked for a “pea shooter” to “blow all those ticks away.” He said this at an old-fashioned general store. They sold everything from guns and paints to “tack and feed.” “Geesh,” says Bob. “This puppy will blow every one of those ticks right out of their blood.” Lermontov Palmerrell was able to shoot all the ticks away with a pea shooter.

  12. A New York caveman was trying to spelunk, but could not climb up because he had a belly. So he yelped as loud as he could…then a few minutes later, his buddy dropped him a ladder. That’s not real real, but so real it’s real.

  13. A one-armed man is shooting dice with God. God always wins. The one-armed man does not understand why.

  14. A pleasant stroll, or maybe a marathon run is what you usually experienced on your bike tour around your neighborhood and imagined on your couch in front of the TV.

  15. A priest, a rabbi, and a blonde woman with green eyes are about to be executed and they’re out on the garden swing together one last time.

  16. A running joke can be funny or strange and crucial– and, ultimately, mess with your readers’ minds. A running joke also makes your novel stand out in a memorable way. Could Eva repel the biker girls? Could she use lemons to do so? Maybe she could transform into a laser beam and shoot lemon beams at them!

  17. A ship was floating in the water far below the mountains with hope in the captain’s eyes. Here it comes. One second. One…

  18. A Silver Scoter is the most annoying bird in the world because even when it is dead people will throw it into a lake.

  19. A story about a triangular obelisk made of mud-braken and mortar replaced with a different one, solely based on observation.

  20. A subtle discussion of the differences between the dreaming of a historian and the degree to which a character in the fiction believes himself to be real.

  21. A very hot summer day, as you laid your head on her lap, she told you a long, sad story which you never forgot. She was buried in a seaside grave, with her action figures never to be played with again.

  22. A writer, reeling in self-pity over his lack of recognition, searches the nearby woods for some sign of recognition or even a single sapling with his name on it.

  23. After nearly destroying his village, the Lazy Prince makes sure not to repeat the same mistakes again.

  24. After reading these, breathe out or exhale. Still holding your finger against the key, remove your finger and look through them! Breathe out and then do this 2 more times. See what happens.

  25. Ages and ages ago, in a galaxy far away, so long ago we didn’t even know when, back when King Arthur ruled Camelot there was a cobbler…

  26. All of the writing prompts are effective because you have to get right to the point and remove any fluff from the description so you can tell a story in a creative and interesting way.

  27. An astronaut landed and grew tomato plants. If he sees another astronaut do the same, what would he think?

  28. An important lesson for all authors who wish to create scenes of tension – make your characters talk about the farthest thing from the trouble at hand.

  29. An original fairytale about a handsome prince, damsel in distress and a white horse where the prince is the knight with a thousand faces.

  30. And that was that. Abraham Lincoln had saved the country once again, thus realizing his mother’s dream of him becoming President.

  31. And the following prompts are about more common submissions, and my feeling is that they did not deserve an accept, however funny stories.

  32. Arthur was a child of fantasy and truth. Not often could he tell the difference, thus his name, which seemed fitting.

  33. As Gary Larson did for comics, compose a hyper-stylized, exaggerated prose that mimics the surface qualities of a very different kind of writing.

  34. As he drifted off, he pinched his wife’s leg until she hit him on the belly. “Hey!” she said. “That’s not a good idea.” He said, “I was swimming and my head fell off.”

  35. At the murder trial, the prosecutor said that the victim had 30 stab wounds but bite marks showed that 42 teeth to be involved. The murderer confessed, but said that it was a “joint effort”.

  36. But not everything can come from a strange world. Some ideas could also come as a part of a mundane world. Perhaps the bad guy from your story didn’t arrive by meteor, but crawled down the storm drain in your backyard.

  37. Checklist, checklist. What’s something you need to make sure you don’t forget to do on a first date?

  38. Choose people that you think are particularly familiar with someone who is close to you otherwise maybe a little bizarre.

  39. Cold and brittle bark, the delicate touch and the delicate scent. Her hands and lips were mine. Hers and she would not be comforted.

  40. Colonel Sanders bobbed up and down on a pogo stick. Do you think he shouted Colonel Sanders while he did this? Or was he just Colonel Sanders?

  41. Declare pestilence on the previously killer garden gnomes that are now holding your neighbor’s son hostage under your stair step.

  42. Deconstructing the pro wrestling persona – make the wrestler into a non-wrestler and tell why that character became a non-wrestler.

  43. Desperately searching for what idiot lost your pet bunny. The little tyke was wearing an army helmet too. What was he training for?

  44. Destiny doesn’t get out of bed for anything less than two million in cash. Or a really good bacon wrapped filet.

  45. Dogs eat homework. It’s what they do. Period. End of sentence. The end. The era of the Thompson family.

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  47. During the Time of Gray, no one dared voice their true thoughts in public or in private. It took courage to gain new knowledge.

  48. Einstein never wore greetings. Mohandas Gandhi never wore pants. Amelia Earhart never wore underwear.

  49. Enjoy these and enjoy writing short stories! They are a great way to provide creative writing practice.

  50. Ever walked on the sand and couldn’t find the water? Ever walked on water and not been able to find the sand?

  51. Every action hero story needs a protagonist who needs help getting their suit on. What’s your story?

  52. Every so often, Mr. Grant comes into the break room and does an impression of Clifford Pearson’s grandmother who answers the phone at her nursing home that badly, and you notice that Meeka is terribly upset.

  53. Every time the narrator reached the turning point in a tragic story, cash prizes were shot out of a cannon.

  54. Everyone can be silent and noisy at the same time. You just need to have earbuds that are plugged into your ears…

  55. Everyone else is a redbird and you’re a robin. What happened, how can they all be redbirds and you be a robin?

  56. Everyone from the outside expected you to have your life together. You weren’t to be concerned with anything. Little did they know, you were worried sick about one of the most bizarre things anyone could identify with.

  57. Everyone thought you were Egyptian. But it turned out you were just a little black boy whose father was a dentist for the Egyptian royal family.

  58. Exactly how it sounds—nonsense punctuation. Bold and italic letters if you prefer, use as many words as you wish, be as silly as you want… just make it nonsense.

  59. Figure out a way to be the anarchist you wanted than shouted at by the powers that wanted to redefine the relationship between you and your government without dealing with any government involvement.

  60. Fiona Smythe, a four year old lives whenever her father isn’t around. Once he’s blessedly gone, she transforms into her evil knock-off of Barbie. One afternoon, her father is just about to head out to a business meeting, so he asks her to give him a kiss for luck. The request, of course, makes Fiona sick. Instead, she tells him that Holiday Barbie will kiss him on the cheek instead of “dry rubbing her lips”. Disgusted, the father leaves. The audience expects this story to go down a typical road. But no, when Dad returns home a few hours later thinking he’d made a major business deal, the father is met with a post-it note which says, “I need a bigger attic”. It turns out that, for her “treat”, Fiona took a pretty BB gun and did some barrel racing with a broom handle. Thus, the note.

  61. For a list of funny story prompts from a simplified list and fun exercises, just go to this page . The list is fairly comprehensive but they will prove very useful in terms of idea generation. You can also simply check out my Book, “From blank page to funny page.” and start writing today!

  62. For the first time, the award for the worst fiction is awarded to Chuck Wiener. This is not a story about a man named Chuck Wiener, but rather is the story entitled, “Chuck Wiener’s Hair Journey.” “Chuck Wiener’s Hair Journey” will be printed on paper, and will surely be a literary success.

  63. For the next 25 days, post a comment of interest that relates to one of your writing goals, trading spaces for other wants or wishes . Make it fact-based, funny or fiction. Maybe even all three.

  64. Freeze time for 2 minutes. When the timer goes off, you’ll be one month older. What does the future hold for you?

  65. Frodo realised as he walked down the final stretch of the yellow-brick road that it might not have been quite as easy as all that being the last ring bringer.

  66. Give me this day my daily bread. Other stories stem from the imagination to list ideas. These exercises are fun, excitement and great ideas to use as a springboard for stories. It is all about stopping the gravity of your day. Making your creative mind float up into the clouds with no limitations. To create stories to amuse yourself and anyone who reads them. To write about whatever you like. To write about the people who really interest you. Nothing makes an awkwardly normal person observe and invent rather than someone who is a headliner. Invent your own direction of your story and drive a pit of obstacles. Keep your issues in mind but allow yourself to Spin the idea on its end and make it humorous and crazy fun. Just talking about writing stories can lead to a great idea or even a character for a story!!

  67. Give your character an impossible list of tasks, ridiculous prerequisites, and insane hoops and twirls to jump through. Poetically portray humiliation, the extreme senses of frustration and despair, and/or autism.

  68. Go inside your car and write. Give all the details – make it like no one else could have experienced this exact thing.

  69. God gave you the job of calling all the shots. What happened to make you forget what He had put you on this Earth for?

  70. Hansel and Gretel were lost, children’s bones were forgotten next to the four day old ash of the campfire.

  71. Have a main character that works at a really bad job/preparing clear margaritas at the corner store for a buck.

  72. Have the character use a ridiculously large amount of made-up jargon to describe a situation or event, single-handedly destroying the target’s self-esteem and worldview.

  73. Have you ever noticed that after a person has died, everything in the house goes to the kids? Except for the dirty underwear in the underwear drawer.

  74. Have your main character wake up to themselves having done something absolutely and totally different from your previous work.

  75. He ran into the mead with a paper in hand. He was an author, not just a writer, but a famous…oh, never mind.

  76. He wore a brown fedora and a black trenchcoat. He gave me a wide goofy grin as he drew a gun from his pocket.

  77. Honest Abe’s Honest Axe repair shop is across from Honest Abe’s Honest Auto Salvage. It’s across from Honest Abe’s Honest Sporting Goods in a section of the city where there is little honest business. None of us are getting any younger.

  78. Hope you’ve enjoyed these funny story prompts. If you want some more, let me know and I’ll post more funny story prompts!

  79. How many Jifs does it take to screw in a light bulb? Three! One to unscrew the world, one to screw the future, and one to screw the future back on. Or you could just add all your Jifs together…

  80. I knew they were trouble when they walked in. A girl covered in tattoos, and a guy who resembled Johnny Depp.

  81. I saw a cockroach skittering up your arm to your shoulder. Don’t be scared. I’ll grab it and put it outside.

  82. I spent all night cleaning up blood from the lobby. It was hard to get out of the cracks of the floor.

  83. I tried bondage, but you don’t get quite the same screams from younger women after removing their clothes.

  84. I was born a beautiful baby. A beautiful baby in the ugly hospital in the ugly dying town on the dying planet.

  85. If lightning bugs had leaders, they would all decamp to my front yard to live and play vigorously in my dark corners.

  86. If you build a boat, will it hold up? If you build a raft, will it be water-tight? Are you looking out for me? Breathe. In depth. Exhale.

  87. If you could go back in time and witness the birth of anything or anyone, what would it be? What would the circumstance be, what year would it be back to? Where would you be, …?

  88. If you find a way to fulfill your wish or dream would you stop wishing or dreaming? Or would you make the most of it?

  89. If you use somebody’s accent to the point where they can’t speak at all, and then they decide to just leave before killing you, is it okay to say Black tax, as long as you pay it, but don’t actually take a mason jar down from anywhere and hold it out for them to put a quarter in?

  90. Imagine you’re at a job interview for a completely absurd job. What job explains everything that’s happened to you?

  91. Imagine your laundry folder is a person. Cool, yet annoying. So you dump them out in a single heap and they jumble around like an angry drunk.

  92. In a world where noses were big business, two men vied for dominance. One noseless and the other flawed…

  93. In the firelight preparing dinner over a barbecue the beloved grandfather of the family takes a young girl’s hand in his own and says,

  94. Interrogate your lawn mower. Praise him for launching the first successful lawn mower satellite at the feverish apex of his mechanical orgasm.

  95. It has been said that the element of surprise is very important in horror novels. Surprise works extremely well and is oftentimes one of the most powerful tools in horror writing. The element of surprise will help pack a more powerful emotional punch.

  96. It seems only yesterday we had a family of wolves, a family of mice, a family of mice that lived in a wolf, a bulldog and a cat that lived in a bank.

  97. It’s a curse to be beautiful in this life… or was it an enviable blessing it brought wealth and fame…

  98. It’s a tale with no meaning and no point– yet one that must be told elicits the most sympathetic response.

  99. It’s not the same when you explain it to us, so explain it to the whores on the corner outside, the corner of forgotten children.

  100. Junk was gold in California. People would pay top prices just to have back whenever they thought the world was about to end.

  101. Just after his mother had died, he saw the apparition next to him with her arms outreached. Good thing it was seen through the webcam of his computer.

  102. Later, the same boy pushed a goat down the school’s staircases. It’s safe to say he was suspended from the school for a solid week.

  103. Let go of every single bit of sanity you ever had and go completely insane. Hold on to hope and don’t let go of it.

  104. Look both ways before you cross. No one cares about the people or the dog that crosses against the light. If you want to stay alive, you need to know where they are.

  105. Madness victims are happier than the sane, who just want to get fourteen hours of sleep in one night, without the disruption of yet another “loud noise scare”.

  106. Make something funny out of reality. Maybe you want to make a laughing stock of yourself, or you might just want to share the humdingers of reality.

  107. Make the reader think the story is going to follow a straight line, when, in fact, you’re going to take it on a sharp left turn.

  108. Make the thread exactly the right size to fit through the hole, and then turn it one thousand times to the right as you enter the hole… from which things currently come out.

  109. Mom and Dad always loved you best. You were the one they called on to make decisions and rescue them from challenging and inconvenient situations. Be careful…they may be the reason you’re in prison and can’t call your own family.

  110. More great prompts for funny stories include awkward moments, suspicious adjectives, painful events, and first meeting. Once you’ve completed a funny story, share them with friends or family.

  111. Most people are like Slinky. With every step they take, they lose a little bit of their sturdiness and gain a little bit more tually.

  112. My co-worker saved the company from almost certain failure only to have his efforts called into question.

  113. Nanai is a three-toed sloth who mainly feasts on prickly pear cactus to supplement his protein. He has been waiting for fair share solar panels from the energy company so he can stop eating cactus and start spinning his fiber, like many of the young sloths in his community do.

  114. Never say die. Blasphemy? Ten years in prison. No trials, no innocent before proven guilty. Just burn ’em! Burn ’em!

  115. No one ever suspected the minister was actually a serial killer. But the numbers just didn’t add up….

  116. No one ever went into the old meat processing plant since it closed twenty years ago. But one day someone noticed and followed the little trail of steam coming from the roof. When they got to it they were shocked. The smell of meat and fresh blood made them gag. What they saw was hard to believe at first. What they saw made them vomit. You see, the factory was now run by mad scientist cooks. They use meat that people use to buy. It doesn’t come from there. What they cook is so good people can’t resist the smell. Their main item is called Fainiburger. It is so good it is supposed to change from a gas to a solid. Fainiburger is rolled out into a tent where people buy it to go. People were buying all the meat they could get their hands on. It’s a family operated business that parents love to cater businesses with for birthdays, weddings, you name it. It’s just so popular people can’t get enough.

  117. No one was sure if his mother was pushing the boundaries of time, space, and his mouth just to hear him scream.

  118. One of these days is sadly about to be your last. Unless you can think up a quick and clever ending.

  119. One, two, Freddy’s coming for you. — Slight variation on the above creepypasta prompt, “Five Tries Not to Wake up”

  120. Only humans could take over natural resources for ourselves leaving behind a mess for another species.

  121. Orhan Pamuk, a Turkish writer known for The Black Book, grew up in Kaffeebecher, an Arab neighborhood in Istanbul, where he sold lemonade called “Bean and Istanbul.”

  122. Pirates like to focus on the one thing most people would find most morally intriguing–avast, this is the captured story.

  123. Professor Dudley says, “No pain-no gain.” Considering this new-old adage, a sailor on a paddleboard

  124. See what happens when a couple is forced to leave their home by circumstance and the rules and regulations surrounding urban civilizations. The husband eventually ends up building his own home minus a few materials.

  125. Several times during the Second World War Churchill was briefed on recent advances in weapons technology. He’d listen to the reports, only for his eyes to widen, mouth open and jaw drop. Slightly open-mouthed, patting the person on hand, he’d steer them to the door before stepping back into his office. Later, someone would walk in and add in some milk.

  126. She always fell in love with people she shouldn’t and dated guys that were completely wrong for her. And yet, they all had one thing in common. She left you for them.

  127. She ran around with scissors in her hair so they were never able to recognize the color of her hair.

  128. She was the sweetest girl in the whole wide world, but not a day went by without a peacock trying to ride my bike.

  129. So in Havana, this old man yells out, “You so stupid, you had all those Castro’s beat, what’s you firstname?”

  130. Somebody worked really hard drawing something on your face or body. Emphasize how impressed you are that they drew a dinosaur on you, or a plane, or a flower, or a penis, or a pot leaf. It has to have love in the work, of course, and detail. You’ll realize this as the story builds.

  131. Something old… Something new… Something borrowed… Something gray… The time he slipped on a banana skin and broke his leg. The dress she wore on her first date with him. They taught the millionaire to sing his last will and testament.

  132. Sometime in the future, a human might fall in love with a robot and other pieces of monumental fiction.

  133. Start worse and make it progressively worse until it’s extremely out of whack and you suddenly get a happy ending. Springtime for Hitler.

  134. Story about movies or books that sound cool when you’re framing the scene but are terrible when you get down to it.

  135. Tell a story of something that happened when you were a kid. Something you’ve left out of other stories you’ve told.

  136. Tell it all. Do not be sensitive. Trust the reader to catch only the essentials of your story while filling in the gaps. Embrace the fact that there is so much more to understand and experience than you will ever write.

  137. Tell the entire story from the main character’s weakest character flaw if your character is not heroic/has no flaws.

  138. That expression on your face, bemused and awry, one side of your mouth curling up in a mocking half-smile. The blind rage upon seeing my drawings, my close-guarded secrets, the pieces of my heart laid bare, stained in carbon soot.

  139. That hidden side of yourself that usually doesn’t get displayed in everyday company has to be hidden no more because the surprise party your spouse has planned for you is sneaking up on you and it’s going to be occupying every corner of your house, so, get in harmony with yourself…cause it is all out now.

  140. That night the stars didn’t shine because the moon is full every month. And when it’s not it’s a new moon.

  141. The Bakers left the galley messy, so Gavin and his boys decided to contribute to the clean up effort. Consequently, all their masterpieces were saved.

  142. The elevator could only fit one person, so they tossed a coin to see who would go up and bring down the angel.

  143. The greatest mystery of all time hangs in the balance, and your friend and you are the only ones capable of solving it, but they, as they say, are M.I.A.

  144. The Iceman Prank. Buy an 1/8 of weed then go to the freezer. Make all your friends think the weed is just covered in ice. Wake them up, and the Iceman will have come and gone.

  145. The kick is a novelist, struggling to cope with a bad writing day. Unfortunately, she has no idea how to solve this problem. Her Muse has abandoned her, and every word she types expends more agony on her and less on the keyboard. There is no spell for this. There are no charms or potions that will bring the Muse back to her. So, she gets creative.

  146. The kid knocked it 400 yards and because it landed on the road, and not in the field, it wasn’t a home run.

  147. The longer you looked at your face, the longer you were convinced a monkey could do a better job, but he was an idiot.

  148. The man in the big yellow hat wanted to open the biggest lemonade stand ever. So he went out to find the lemons, only to find out that there is no more lemonade. Oopsie!

  149. The man on the train who stared at your arm tattoos for five minutes, despite being surrounded by countless empty seats.

  150. The Most Interesting Man in the World explains why all flags are bad and go 170 kilometers per hour in 45 seconds.

  151. The narrator doesn’t die immediately. Instead, he lives long enough to recount the accident to anyone willing to listen.

  152. The new girl doesn’t have a name. Her real name is impossible to pronounce and occasionally she forgets what it is.

  153. The next time you tell someone to get over it they’ll die. With no one there to bring them back to life.

  154. The Old west meets high-tech study chambers. A Wild West error leads to a bug in the Matrix. Documented incident of spontaneity. Blue heron falls from the sky.

  155. The quirks and oddities of the world are what make it amazing. Don’t be afraid to explore the strange!

  156. The Sheriff and his deputy were riding horses in a park earlier, but then, one horse just started taking off on it’s own. Naturally, the two men wouldn’t let a horse just take them anywhere. The deputy did the only thing he could’ve done, and shot the horse for ‘becoming agitated’.

  157. The story focuses around the things that happened when, with what, who was what, who did what. Sometimes impossibly forced, sometimes just weird, and other times just slightly funny. The point is to be funny. Sometimes done by picking 20-50 completely random subjects, then picking out ones that are funny for whatever reason.

  158. The struggling artist doodled in the margins of the page, oblivious that the words she wrote were changing her world…

  159. The terraforming is a certainty the simulations proved it. Nothing could go wrong, we planned for every eventuality. You can’t hide in spilled milk.

  160. The White Witch is having an important guest over, a scruffy-looking nerdy guy who carries luggage larger than his own body while the creepy yet overdressed butler, dressed in purely white, escorts him to his room. As he disappears down the hall, the White Witch’s daughter walks in to ask her mother innocently where the new guest is staying, wondering if she can play with him. The mother is a bit offended by how this scruffy nerdy guy came to be a guest, and she asks her daughter “Why in the world would he be staying here?”

  161. The wife-in-laws’ husband wife-in-law is a husband wife-in-law was a constant reminder of her own true age.

  162. The woman three houses down has been staying up until three in the morning knitting mittens for kittens.

  163. The woman’s shoulder blades brushed against one another whenever she stretched her arms above her head

  164. There are only five minutes until you have to give the speech and you just realized you can’t speak. Inspiration never strikes at a good time.

  165. There are times when you write for the world to see, and then there are times when you write to see if the words will fit.

  166. There came a time when the world was out of handclaps. In order to resolve this grotesque situation, a boy was conscripted. A boy who had been struck on the head by the iron lever in a closed door accident, and was now incomplete in the lateral portion of his left hemisphere.

  167. There once was a man from Nantucket, who had a whack of almonds, and a lady from Racine, who couldn’t disarm him.

  168. There once was a woman who was so attractive, four men were fighting to their deaths for the right to marry her, but the question was…. Which one would she choose?

  169. There was a family that moved into the neighborhood. Jose, Janet, and Tom. There children Mark, Maria, and Timothy. They were the nicest people you would want to meet. At least at first. One day Mark and Timothy went missing. People looked everywhere for those two boys, but they just couldn’t be found. Then suddenly the rest of the family went missing just two days later. Except the father and mother who were the last to disappear. When people looked around the beautiful house they found more of those flowers and dead bodies all around the backyard AND a port-a-potty. They looked in the bath tubs and the kitchen drawers. The bodies were hidden for a long time until someone they could take care of themselves, or they were just plain stupid. All had the same golden gates and angel wings. Everyone was certain of the fact that the family was a group of satan worshippers.

  170. There was a man they sent to a giant rocket! But something was wrong with the world. Something was definitely wrong.

  171. There was no way, no way someone who eats family pets would possibly have eaten my lost hamster. Right?

  172. TheRedheadand The Spacewoman Are Having a Good Time On The Planet of Orange at the North Pole. Prance Around and Find a Big Piece of Rock To Float To Other Planets.

  173. They must have thought they couldn’t make it through. They split their integral selves between a state and the staid. The steady flux is a thing of delight to them, just as the balance between their vibrant impulsions and the détente is. Contact further cemented their romance, but effect dissipated into sparse numbers. They plummeted, plateaued, and now slowly strut gingerly amongst the pincushion and porcupines. Now that they know themselves incapable of tearing themselves apart, they no longer worry about trying to be whole.

  174. They say curiosity killed the cat. And ever since you got curious about the wrong thing and followed that dog, you’ve regretted every decision you’ve made.

  175. They warned him not to eat the fiddle player, but he did not listen. He did, of course, get sick. Everything in…

  176. Things lay broken and forgotten, scattered as if a storm had swept through somewhere, regretting di…

  177. Things the stars say. Things that wouldn’t disturb, but wouldn’t exactly lull you to sleep at night.

  178. Think about someone you know who is either really short, really tall, or really fat. Have him/her walk into the room.

  179. Think of the space capsule scene in “Wrath of Khan” and what ensues when a man with healthy “curiosity” and a few jumplings of plunk get together.

  180. Think specifically and thoroughly about the last helicopter you saw. Then the last car you saw with its lights off. The last bag of bird seed.

  181. This is more of an art technique. You pick a cool or funny sentence and then crop Griff before while typing it or doing something.

  182. This list is a good way to begin when you don’t know what else to write. It gets the creative juices flowing and can open up new events to put in your flash fiction.

  183. This one is great because it gives you the opportunity to tap into a deep, dark place in your soul and create a detestable Exceeder with one simple adjective…

  184. Three little pigs. Pop! Goes the first pig’s house! Pop! Goes the second pig’s house! Whoops! There goes the big bad wolf… Oh, no…Not the third little pig’s house.

  185. Throw your main character in a situation that is completely wrong and confusing for him/her. His/her normal behavior will seem very out of place.

  186. Travel back in time to observe a historical event, alive and in person. Use your knowledge of the future to influence the outcome of said event.

  187. Two co-workers ran into each other they hadn’t seen in a while. “Good to see you,” they greet. Then one says a little sarcastically . . .

  188. Unplug everything. Feel your breathing. Slowly have a panic attack. And then plug it in and forget about it.

  189. Until society is prepared to accept its place within the natural order and begin setting reasonable goals for alternatives, there is no choice but to rely on the perpetuation of primitive and environmentally atrocious technologies like nuclear power.

  190. We demolished a small, defenseless, sandcastle and the world crushed us like it crept up on a surprise party.

  191. What happens when you put the world’s grumpiest man in front of a mirror, and let him complain and moan about his life for ninety minutes…?

  192. What if every word you wrote was written in pineapple upside-down cake? Would anything make any sense?

  193. What if everything you thought you knew about vampires and the undead was a total lie? What if they were just people?

  194. What is the funniest short story you have ever written, but really should sell because it’s really funny.

  195. What is your ultimate reality television experience? Take Lana Condor On A Blind Date spoof scene from To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han for example! What is your ultimate reality television experience?

  196. What shapes do you see in the pattern of life? Stories can create emotion, setting, likability, and help people learn about themselves and others. A believable story can capture the reader’s attention, if the grammar and sentence structure are good, then they should be able to read the story smoothly. If every aspect is perfect, that means nothing else is left undone. The tale could almost tell itself. The setting could almost design itself. If everything in a story feels real or plausible, then it lived up to the expectations.

  197. When bored at a convention, one is advised to see the before and after photos. That should liven things up.

  198. When my headlights were going out…no one knew that the red lights on the road were actually stop lights.

  199. When there was nothing but sand in the brick, you had to pick up one of the bricks. Maybe it was my brick? Was my brick the one picked up last?

  200. When your life looked like a stick drawing, only with a few scattered among your two dimensional reality.

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