150 Freewriting Prompts to Help You Beat Writer's Block.

When you're stuck with writer's block, the last thing you want to do is sit in front of a blank page. Instead, you need some inspiration. A good way to get past that mental roadblock is through freewriting, which helps to get your creative juices flowing. With freewriting, the idea is to let go and not stress about spelling or sentence structure. The simple trick behind it is that once you start writing, ideas tend to flow naturally. After all, it's much easier to keep writing if you don’t think about what you’re going to write next. Freewriting works like a game so the more you practice it the better your results will be. Keep reading for 150 freewriting prompts that are perfect for beating writer’s block and getting those creative juices flowing again!

  1. How do you feel in your body right now?

  2. How does money work?

  3. How does my inner voice sound when it is beautiful?

  4. How have you grown in the past year?

  5. How much do you want this? What am you willing to give up to get it?

  6. How would I talk to myself if I were 3 years old?

  7. How would I tell the story of my life in three sentences?

  8. I have trouble sleeping when…

  9. I really wish others knew this about me: …

  10. If people become the amalgamation of the 5 people they spend the most time with, who are you going to be?

  11. If some of your depression is being caused by anger you’ve felt helpless to act on, write an angry letter. (You don’t have to send it.)

  12. If there was something you never ever had to do again, what would that be? Why?

  13. If you could be an animal, what kind of animal would you like to be?

  14. If you could be invisible, where would you go?

  15. If you could go back 10 years and spend 5 minutes with your former self, what advice would you share?

  16. If you could make up a new color, what would you call it?

  17. If you could spend twelve hours doing anything you want, anywhere you want, how would you spend them?

  18. If you had $150,000 to spend in 24 hours or less, how would you spend it?

  19. If you had all the money in the world, what would you buy?

  20. If you had no say and someone else made this choice for you, which choice would make you feel disappointed? Why?

  21. If you had to eat the same food every day for the rest of your life, what would you pick? Why?

  22. If you have kids, write about them. What do you want them to know about their younger selves?

  23. If you knew you wouldn’t fail, what would you do?

  24. If you let your thoughts wander, what memory comes to mind first?

  25. If you only had two years to live, what would you most want to accomplish?

  26. If you started a business, what would it be?

  27. If you were going to invent a recipe, what would you invent?

  28. If you’re married, how did you meet your spouse? Are there any stories you want to record from when you were dating?

  29. List 10 frivolous things that bring you joy.

  30. List 10 of your favorite things.

  31. List 3 of the best compliments you’ve received.

  32. List 5 positive qualities of the first person you usually talk to each day.

  33. List 5 things that spark your curiosity and inspire your interest.

  34. My past doesn’t define who I am because…

  35. One area I need to improve on is…

  36. Remember when you were a kid and someone told you not to do something? What did you do that you were not supposed to? When did your curiosity get the better of you?

  37. Right now, my thoughts are _____________. I wish they were _______________.

  38. Some of the most wonderful words ever said to me were…

  39. What 5 songs are you grateful for? Why?

  40. What about my personality do people compliment me on?

  41. What about today made you smile?

  42. What about your daily routine are you grateful for?

  43. What about your living space are you especially thankful for?

  44. What about your upbringing are you most grateful for?

  45. What adversity are you grateful for?

  46. What advice would you give future generations who read this journal?

  47. What am I doing when I feel most free?

  48. What am I feeling right now? How long have I had this feeling?

  49. What am I wearing when I feel really beautiful?

  50. What are holidays like for you? What traditions do you hope carry on?

  51. What are you enjoying right now?

  52. What are you holding onto too tightly?

  53. What are you looking forward to?

  54. What are you most excited about right now?

  55. What are you not saying that needs to be said?

  56. What are you really, really good at? What do you love about it?

  57. What are you thinking of doing that you are afraid to tell anyone about?

  58. What are you tolerating that you shouldn’t be?

  59. What are your core values?

  60. What are your favorite things in the natural world?

  61. What are your plans for going after what your heart wants?

  62. What barrier keeps me from loving myself?

  63. What barrier(s) do I need to overcome?

  64. What book or movie are you grateful for? How did it impact you?

  65. What captures your imagination?

  66. What change do I most want to see in my world?

  67. What character trait are you most grateful for?

  68. What could you do this week to express gratitude to others?

  69. What could you not live without?

  70. What decision(s) are you procrastinating on making?

  71. What demand(s) on your time do you need to get out of?

  72. What did a typical mealtime look like when you were growing up? What was your favorite food?

  73. What did you do this weekend?

  74. What did you eat this week that was delicious?

  75. What did your family do really well? How did they show love?

  76. What did your grandparents tell you about how they grew up?

  77. What do I need to do to change for the better?

  78. What do I need to feel at peace?

  79. What do I need to forgive myself for?

  80. What do I not get credit for?

  81. What do you deeply enjoy doing alone?

  82. What do you enjoy doing most with friends and family?

  83. What do you happily spend a lot of money on (without feeling guilty about it), but suspect others might judge you for?

  84. What do you like best for breakfast?

  85. What do you love about your favorite movie (or book)?

  86. What do you need to say to someone that you are afraid to say?

  87. What do you need to stop doing?

  88. What do you really appreciate about your life?

  89. What do you remember from when you were really little?

  90. What do you think is super gross?

  91. What do you value most?

  92. What do you wish you were doing more of?

  93. What does mommy (or daddy) do at work?

  94. What does my inner child most need me to say to him/her?

  95. What expectation do others have of you that you wish they didn’t?

  96. What freedoms are you grateful for?

  97. What friend are you most grateful for? What makes them special?

  98. What fulfills me?

  99. What gets you excited about the future?

  100. What gift have you given that has made a difference in someone’s life?

  101. What guilty pleasure are you secretly grateful for?

  102. What has surprised you, in a good way?

  103. What have you learned that has changed your values?

  104. What have your friends been up to?

  105. What if you did nothing?

  106. What in your childhood are you grateful for?

  107. What in your life has given you the greatest fulfillment?

  108. What insights came to you in meditation today?

  109. What is a family story that gets told over and over when people are together?

  110. What is my biggest regret? How can I make amends?

  111. What is something great about your community?

  112. What is something I am angry about, but haven’t dealt with?

  113. What is something you have always wanted to try, but never have?

  114. What is the one thing you need to focus on now, that will make everything else better in the future?

  115. What is the thing you are afraid to say out loud?

  116. What is your favorite joke?

  117. What is your favorite thing about your current living space? What drives you crazy?

  118. What is your favorite thing about yourself?

  119. What is your favorite thing to talk about with your friends?

  120. What is your favorite way to start the day?

  121. What is your personal definition of success, stripped of others’ expectations?

  122. What is your predominant emotion? How are you experiencing it physically?

  123. What is your relationship with technology?

  124. What is your superhero name? What powers do you have?

  125. What is your take on love?

  126. What is your time frame for achieving your dream?

  127. What kind of self-care would be most useful right now?

  128. What kinds of activities take up most of your time? Are you happy about that? If not, what could you give up to gain back 30 minutes?

  129. What kinds of games do you like to play?

  130. What kinds of wildlife did you encounter as a kid?

  131. What makes you feel brave?

  132. What makes you feel curious?

  133. What makes you feel overwhelmed or paralyzed? Who could you ask for help?

  134. What makes you laugh so hard you get tears in your eyes?

  135. What movie did your family watch over and over?

  136. What mundane daily ritual could you bring your full attention to, staying completely in the moment?

  137. What one discipline sparks your personal growth the most?

  138. What one thing do you own that makes every day a little bit easier?

  139. What outcome are you working toward?

  140. What pets do you have?

  141. What place do you want to visit, but haven’t been to yet?

  142. What positive impact did you have this week?

  143. What question are you grappling with?

  144. What question do you want to ask your pet? (And what do you think they would say?)

  145. What rule do you most want to break? (Or what rule have you broken that you wish you hadn’t?)

  146. What short-term losses are you willing to accept now, for longer-term gains in the future?

  147. What skill do you need to learn to advance to the next level?

  148. What task are you putting off that you just need to get done? How could you finish it within the next week?

  149. What three keystone habits do you need to perform daily?

  150. What time of day are you most creative? How do you want to use that time?

While there are many ways to practice freewriting, the most important thing is to make sure you're comfortable when doing it. Find a quiet place where you can sit comfortably for at least 5 minutes of uninterrupted writing. This step is essential to make sure that you're not forced to write about anything you don't want to. The more you practice, the better you'll be able to determine the type of writing that works best for you. The simple trick behind it is that once you start writing, ideas tend to flow naturally. After all, it’s much easier to keep writing if you don’t think about what you’re going to write next.

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