Freewriting Helps Me Write Better: 6 Benefits of Freewriting Every Day.

Writers of all stripes are fortunate to have a favored writing practice, something that helps them get in the zone, draft the perfect piece, or even just have a good time while writing. Favorite writing practices can vary from writer to writer, and change over time as well. For me, that writing practice is freewriting. Whereas most writers keep their freewriting to a minimum, I aim to do it every day. While freewriting isn’t a silver bullet that will solve all your writing problems, it is a practice that has helped me in countless ways, and is worth exploring a little more. Here are some of the benefits of freewriting, and how you can incorporate it into your writing routine.


It helps you build your writing muscles

Freewriting is a great way to practice writing in all kinds of settings, from when you’re in bed in the morning, to when you’re in the kitchen making dinner. Freewriting can help you learn what feels natural to your fingers, and feel comfortable writing in different settings. And because you’re not trying to be perfect or produce polished pieces, you can focus on building your muscle memory and honing your writing skills.

It helps you draft your best work

Even though you can’t use freewriting’s skills when you’re drafting, they can help you learn the basics of writing. For example, even if you don’t end up using most of the freewrite’s ideas, you’ve still got the process of writing and getting those ideas out of your head. This can help you draft more effectively, with less of the editing that comes after the fact.

It’s great for brainstorming

Freewriting is a great tool for brainstorming. You can draft out a bunch of ideas, problems, or topics, and get them out of your head and on paper. Because you’re not trying to filter or shape these ideas, you can get a good look at what’s happening in your brain and what you’re trying to say.

It helps you find your voice

FREEWRITTING IS A FORM OF SELF-EDITION. You are and are not editing, and you’re honing in on your own voice. You can use this process to hear what you’ve written, and figure out how you want to shape your ideas. This can be particularly helpful if you find that you’re not sure where your ideas are going, but you know they’re important. Freewriting can also help you find your voice as a writer. If you’re stuck on a particular topic, freewriting can help you explore new ways to approach your topic, and figure out what feels right to you.

It’s a form of self-editing

One of the reasons that freewriting is a good tool for honing your voice and finding your topic is that it’s a form of self-editing. You’re honing in on what feels right to you, instead of following a certain set of rules. This can be a great way to get a sense of your voice and what you want to write about.


So now you know the benefits of freewriting, and the ways it can help you as both a writer and a person. The next step is to get out there and start practicing! You can start with a simple freewrite every day, or a big one if you’re feeling ambitious. Make sure you’re writing for your own benefit, and don’t write for anyone else, and you’re sure to notice the benefits of freewriting in no time. Wondering how to get started? WriteMore is cheapest and most commonly used site for daily freewriters. Try it out today, free!

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